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05/03/2010 / doctorjonx

Kick butt and have fun !

Raise the hand those who *don’t* know Scott McNealy………..
Uhmmm… OK, for you, ill-fated derelicts, I’ll just say that Scott is the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, the computer technology company he started in 1982 along with Vinod KhoslaBill Joy, and Andy Bechtolsheim.
Now, as you may know, Sun has been acquired by Oracle in a 7.4 billion $ deal, and Scott is now leaving the company after some 28 years of dealing with it.
And, as all the people leaving a company (in this case, there’s a little detail in addition – it is “his” company) he issues a farewell e-mail to all his “gang” (yes, he just call them “gang” !)
I strongly advise you read the entire message here, but in any case I’d like to squeeze out of that lines the juice of McNealy’s experience at Sun:

First and foremost, Sun innovated like crazy. We took it to the limit […]This made working at Sun really cool. Thanks to all of you inventors and risk takers who changed how we live

The emphasis is mine – and the admiration as well: can you grasp the spirit of innovation that a company could embody with such a commitment…?

Sun cared about its customers. Even more than we cared about our own company at times. We looked at our customer’s mission as more important than ours

How many times we said we have to love our customers more than ourselves as well? Well, they did, and damn well too!!

Sun did not cheat, lie, or break the rule of law or decency. While we enjoyed breaking the rules of conventional wisdom and archaic business practice, and for sure loved to win in the market, we did so with a solid reputation for integrity

What a glorious pride, and how lucky and smart they were to be able to do that for such a long time…

Sun was a financial success. […] Our revenues over 28 years exceeded $200B. Few companies make it to the F200. We did. Nice

See? “More than $200B” … and he says “Nice”… Shouldn’t we love him just for that? J
But let’s add something more:

Sun employees had way more fun than any other company. By far.”

The ultimate ingredient of Sun’s success? Well, maybe … J

“[…] just allow me one last one. We shared. Not the greatest attribute for a capitalist. But one I could not change and was not willing to change about Sun while I was in charge

Participation and sharing as *the* indefeasible asset of Sun – wow!

Well, what could I add more? Just read Scott’s statement and keep an eye on its bottom line: “Kick butt and have fun“!


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